BD Kiestra™ Lab Automation Solutions

BD Kiestra™ solutions are designed to positively impact patient care, lab productivity and your organization’s bottom line through improved quality, accuracy & turn-around times.

Lab Automation Solutions

Improved Quality & Accuracy of Results

“InoqulA® produced three times as many discrete colonies of E. coli and five times as many discrete colonies of E. faecalis than the manual method.”

High amount of separated bacterial colonies with InoqulA
Increased Productivity & Efficiency

“We were able to cope with a workload increase of 40% and still reduce our staff by 12 FTE.”

– Dr. Ian Fry, Director of Pathology, Frimley Park NHS Trust in Frimley

Experience with Kiestra™ Total Lab Automation Solution to meet the challenge of universal MSRA screening for Lister Hospital, a large UK district general hospital
Improved Clinical Outcomes

“TAT for MRSA screening (c. 150,000 samples per annum) have fallen from a mean of 30 hours to 24 hours since the system went live.”

Automating the Bacteriology Laboratory

"The patients benefit from the accuracy of the result, the reliability of the result and the speed of the result."
Dr. David Garner – Microbiology

BD Kiestra™ InoqulA+™

The BD Kiestra™ InoqulA+™ system automates the processing of both liquid and non-liquid bacteriology specimens on one integrated platform to increase the efficiency of your clinical staff. The InoqulA+ system’s innovative streaking method offers more consistent colony isolation and less subculturing over manual methods allowing for faster and more accurate results.¹

¹High amount of separated bacterial colonies with the InoqulA system; Jenny Rydback, Ingela Tjernberg and Mats Walder. 2010.


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BD Kiestra™ WCA


The BD Kiestra™ Work Cell Automation system is a modular solution designed for labs of all sizes that enables the integration of automated specimen processing, plate transportation, incubation and digital imaging systems in a compact footprint.  This scalable solution helps to increase productivity and allow your staff to focus more on making clinical decisions and impacting patient care.

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BD Kiestra™ TLA

BD Kiestra™ Total Lab Automation system offers complete microbiology lab automation. We are delivering the future of microbiology automation today, with a solution designed to maximize staff efficiency and deliver faster diagnostic information to support critical clinical decision making.

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